Q: Do you host the party?

A: Yes, we can.

Q:Where Can Parties Be Held?

A: Services can be held in or outside your home or venue of your choice.

Q: Does your fee include the cost of the rental space?

A: No, rental space fees are a separate cos

Q: Do you help find a rental space?

A: We have an approved list of vendors to choose from. Otherwise, the client is responsible for finding and securing the rental space.

Q: If I wanted to include activities such as games would you find the games and set it up?

A: We always include activities in our theme events that go according to the theme provided.

Q: Does your fee include food and servers?

A: Food and servers depend on your budget and what you want served. We cannot include that in our fee due to we do not know how many people will be in attendance. And the items you would like served at your event.

Q: Does your fee include invitations?

A: This depends on client’s budget as the invitations are designed according to budget.

Q: Does your fee include a designer cake?

A: The cake depends on budget, style, and taste.

Q: Does your fee include entertainment such as a DJ?

A: The entertainment provided is based off client’s budget.

Q: Will you please provide a full list of what’s included in your fee?

A: We cannot supply you list until we know your budget. And what is that you are looking for exactly. Process you meet for a consult or over the phone consult if you do not want to pay in person consult fee. And we draw up a plan that suits your budget.

Q: What is the standard fee?

A: The planning and design fee is $225.00

  • In person consult fee: $30.00 for 30 minutes.
  • Phone consultation: free for 30 minutes
  • Deposit-50% for preset packages/ $225 for custom events